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Yamaha Re-man Engine 1.8L SHO FX SHO /Cruiser SHO /FZR /FZS 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


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2010 FX SHO
2011 FX SHO
2012 FX SHO
2013 FX SHO

2008 FX Cruiser SHO
2009 FX Cruiser SHO
2010 FX Cruiser SHO
2011 FX Cruiser SHO
2012 FX Cruiser SHO
2013 FX Cruiser SHO

2009 FZR
2010 FZR
2011 FZR
2012 FZR
2013 FZR

2009 FZS
2010 FZS
2011 FZS
2012 FZS
2013 FZS

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